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A Deluxe blend with a sweetish bouquet and taste with underlying Grapey note. A Premium Brandy made from perfect, select grapes, blended in Oaken Casks with matured Grapes. The artful blend of exotic natural flavours and floral notes entice the senses with its exquisite aroma and lingering taste.
- A True testimony to the Art and Science of Blending to its perfection.
Blenders Choice No.1 Brandy has been developed and blended to perfection by our experienced blenders to create one of the finest Brandies. It brings to you an experience par excellence. A truly great CHOICE for a Great Evening for the real VSOP consumers.


An incredibly seductive Premium Deluxe Rum made out of aged Rum Spirits produced in the classic style. It has a suitable bouquet of complex characters showing its uniqueness. A smooth, easy- to- drink blend of matured spirits and imported natural ingredients. A truly superfine RUM, with unique aroma, palate with a very pleasant after taste.


OPR is a full bodied robust blended RUM in the traditional style to secure its extra smoothness and bouquet making it a genuine Super Premium Rum. It is a perfect blend of Caribbean and matured Indian Rum with rich taste and unmatched smoothness. An unique blend with a fruity sweetish aroma and taste. Enjoy a premium Rum with all its Classic characteristics and a very special after taste. OPR is already acclaimed and enjoyed by millions of consumers.


Morning Walker's XO Brandy is a fine Premium Brandy with a special quality of smoothness and a depth of taste and character which linger in the palate - An exquisite fine blend of selected French and Indian Grape Spirits.
- Impeccable Balance, Smooth Finish and Elegant Taste that Mellows the palate.
Let your Spirits soar to make every Evening a celebration in paradise.

Chairman Choice XO Brandy

Chairman Choice XO Brandy is a Flagship brand of K.S Group - a super premium brandy of superlative quality, regardingly rich elegantly smooth and perfectly blended A truly great choice for the cogniac lover’s and toast to the destine
Chairman s Choice Brandy on the top of the products in the super premium segment is a genuine gift to connossieur's delight resulting from a perfect fusion of art and science of blending Meticulously blended with the choicest pure French Brandy's with a finest Indian Grapes Great exquisite taste and flavour and a divine bouquet which makes the Chairman’s choice brandy unique among the blend in the Premium segment you can trust every sip of chairman’s choice brandy the quality stamp of K S Group which is a testimony to the science and Art of definitive brandy blend